Group History
  • 1929-1949
  • 1950-1995
  • 1996-2005
  • Since 2006
  • The Ming An Insurance Co.,(H.K)Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong(Now renamed as China Taiping Insurance(HK)Co., Ltd )

  • Taiping Life Insurance Company was founded.

  • Taiping Insurance Company began to conduct life insurance by setting up a life insurance section.

  • Taiping Marine & Fire Insurance Company was renamed as Taiping Insurance Company.

  • China Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in  Shanghai. In 1933, by setting up life insurance section to conduct life insurance business.

  • Taiping Marine & Fire Insurance Company was incorporated in Shanghai.

  • China Insurance (New Zealand)Company Limited(Now renamed as China Taiping Insurance  (New Zealand)Company Limited ) was incorporated in New Zealand.

  • China Insurance H.K(Holdings) Company limited was incorporated in Hong Kong,  operating in the model of “One management with two establishments ” With China Insurance Company.

  • Hua Bao Company Limited (Now renamed as China Taiping Insurance Service (Japan) Co,Ltd was incorporated in Japan.

  • China Insurance Company (UK) Limited ( Now renamed as Taiping Insurance Company (UK) Limited )was incorporated  in London. 

  • New Century Securities investment Company Limited (Now renamed as Taiping Securities Holdings Co,. Ltd )and China Reinsurance Company(Hong Kong) Limited (Now renamed as Taiping Reinsurance Co,. Ltd )were set up.

  • Taiping Insurance became the subsidiary of People’s Insurance Company of China with other national insurance companies.  It conducted overseas insurance business.

  • Taiping Pension Co., Ltd was set up. It was also qualified as trustee and investment manager.

  • China Insurance Company, Limited and The Taiping Insurance Co,. Ltd restructured and merged their operations in Singapore. The combined entity operated under the name of China Insurance Co,.(Singapore) Pte, Ltd (Now renamed as China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd).

  • China Insurance Company, Limited was formally renamed as China Insurance (Holdings) Company Limited, setting the framework for the Company to be a financial insurance holdings group.

  • China Insurance Regulatory Commission formally approved The Taiping Insurance Co., Ltd and Taiping Life Insurance Co,. Ltd  to resume their local insurance businesses in property insurance and life insurance, respectively.

  • China Insurance International Holdings Company Limited(Now renamed as China Taiping Holdings Co., Ltd) was incorporated in Hong Kong. 29 June, it was listed on Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, becoming the first Chinese insurance company to be listed.

  • PICC (Group) was de-registered. China Insurance Company became the ultimate holding company of all of the PICC (Group)’s overseas assets and operations.

  • PT. China Insurance Indonesia(Now renamed as PT. China  Taiping Insurance Indonesia) was incorporated in Indonesia;
    Sino Reinsurance Brokers Ltd(Now renamed as Taiping Reinsurance Brokers Ltd) was incorporated.

  • In July 2013, China Taiping Insurance Group Co. was renamed as China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd.

  • The new leadership of  China Taiping Insurance Group was confirmed, Mr.Wang Bin took over the position of  Party Secretary and Chairman ,Mr. Song Shu Guang took over the position of Deputy Party Secretary and President.
    26 Sept, Taiping E-Commerce Co.,Ltd.  was set up. In Shenzhen.
    22 November , Taiping Financial Holdings Co., Ltd  was established.
    8 December, Taiping Senior Living Investment Co., Ltd was incorporated in Shanghai.

  • Taiping Finance Tower in Shanghai was completed .
    China Taiping Insurance Co., (China Taiping Insurance Group(HK)Co., Ltd) was categorized as state-owned financial and insurance enterprise managed directly by the central government.

  • Ming An Plaza, at which the headquarters of the Group in Hong Kong is located, was officially renamed as China Taiping Tower.

  • The Group carried out a brand integration and culture reconstruction project to consolidate the brand of China Insurance, Taiping and Ming An under the brand of China Taiping, completed the legal procedures for the name change of the Group and its domestic subsidiaries, and achieved an unified corporate culture and corporate image, which further enhanced the Group’s overall brand image.
    China Taiping Insurance Group Co, Sharing Service Centre was established.

  • China Insurance Group Co, Audit Centre (Now renamed as  China Taiping Insurance Group Co, Audit Centre ) and the Beijing branch of China International Reinsurance Co., Ltd (Now renamed as Beijing branch of Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd )were established.

  • Taiping Assets Management Co.,Ltd was set up.