China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. (“China Taiping”) is a Chinese state-owned financial and insurance group whose management headquarters is located in Hong Kong.

China Taiping is currently the longest standing national brand in China’s insurance industry. It had already become an industry leader in the 1940s after its foundation in Shanghai in 1929. In 1956, Together with other national insurers including China Insurance, it became a subsidiary of the former People’s Insurance Company of China. Since then, Taiping has followed the national plan to focus on overseas insurance business. In 1999, the former People’s Insurance Company of China (Group) divested its overseas business and related assets and liabilities to set up China Insurance Co., Ltd., which became the holding company of all the overseas business institutions of People’s Insurance Company of China (Group). China Insurance( Holdings) Co., Ltd. Implemented a model of “One management with two establishments” with China Insurance (Holdings) Co., Ltd.. It resumed business in mainland China under the brand name of Taiping in 2001. In June 2009, China Insurance Group  Co., Ltd. was renamed as China Taiping Insurance Group  Co.In July 2013, China Taiping Insurance Group  Co. was renamed as China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd.

China Taiping has a business presence in many countries and regions, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Europe, Oceania, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Its operations cover life insurance, general insurance, pension insurance, reinsurance, reinsurance brokerage and insurance agency, securities brokerage, asset management and non-financial investment. With such a comprehensive range of business, China Taiping delivers one-stop integrated financial and insurance services to its customers.

As at the end of 2012, China Taiping owns one listed company, 20 member companies, 84 branches and over 1,200 business institutions at all levels.

In 2012, China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd. realized a total premium of RMB 50 billion. As at the end of 2012, the Group’s total assets reached RMB 200 billion and management assets over 270 billion. China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited (HK00966) under the Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000, making it the first Chinese-funded insurer that was listed overseas. It has listed among Fortune 500 Chinese Companies for five consecutive years and ranked 114th in 2012.

The life insurance business is the strategic force that supports the ongoing development of China Taiping, a major contributor to the Group’s business and profitability. Since its resumption of business in China in 2001, Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. under the Group has been committed to specialized and systematized operation. It was rated “A-” by Fitch Ratings for its steady business development, sound business structure as well as good business reputation, management standards, business environment and development prospects.

The general insurance business spans across Mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Macau regions, with subsidiaries in Europe, Oceania, East Asia and Southeast Asia. In particular, the domestic general insurance in China is a key driver for the development of the general insurance business and a major source of the premium growth of the Group. The globalized operation and specialized management of the overseas general insurance offer a steady profit source for the Group’s value growth.

The pension insurance business provides corporate customers and associations with comprehensive insurance and financial services, including specialized enterprise annuity and employee benefits plans. The core of the pension insurance business is enterprise annuity, covering various types of pension products, management and service such as entrustment and investment of enterprise annuity, mandatory administration of pension security and occupational annuity plans. The employee benefits plan covers all types of products, management and service such as life insurance, accident insurance, supplementary healthcare and health management specifically for companies and associations.

The reinsurance business is a new growth engine and a stable source of profit for the continuous and healthy development of China Taiping. Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd. under the Group has been operating for more than 30 years and is one of the best reinsurers in Asia with an “A” rating assigned by Fitch Ratings.

The asset management business, a major support for the profitability and continuous and healthy development of China Taiping, is an essential backbone of the comprehensive operations, continuous value growth and ongoing improvement in the sustainable profitability of China Taiping. The centralized asset management platform jointly built by Taiping Assets Management (HK) Co., Ltd. and Taiping Asset Management Co., Ltd. provides specialized management and reliable protection for the use of insurance funds, operation of financial assets and third-party asset management.

China Taiping has initially set up a framework for a customer-centered integrated financial services platform. A Financial Service Center was established in the Group to integrate policy issuance, underwriting, claim settlement, IT, customer data management and services, call centers, financial operations and other types of resources within the Group for carrying out centralized management of customer data as well as centralization of insurance operation services and financial information and data processing to deliver comprehensive and diversified integrated services for financial and insurance products to corporate and individual customers.

Quality, efficiency and risk management are priorities. China Taiping carries out a unified, vertical check and comprehensive risk management across the Group. It is a leading player in the industry in terms of internal control management and comprehensive risk control. The Group has five companies which have been assigned either “A” or “A-” ratings by international rating agencies, making it an insurance group among other Chinese insurers with the largest number of international “A” ratings. The Group’s cross-border integrated operations are distinctly characterized by “resources sharing across the Group, talents across borders, centralized development of customers and provision of worldwide service”. “One Taiping, One-stop service” is the goal of the Group for its integrated services. China Taiping’s mission is to “create well-being in life and peace of mind”, combined with its dedicated philosophy of “Diligent Management, Sincere Service” for creating a distinguished Chinese brand in global financial services.