The two chinese characters “Tai Ping” are shaped like dense lush green tall trees that stand deeply rooted in the soil of Mother Earth, and that stand tall to embrace the wide blue sky, representing the company’s dynamism and perpetual business sustainability.

The blue colour component represents the vastness of the big blue sky, signifying the company’s commitment to create well-being in life and peace of mind for its customers through diligent management and utmost sincerity in providing the best financial and insurance solutions.

The green colour component represents the vitality and vigour of Mother Earth, signifying the company’s deep passion for nature and caring for all life on it as well as its corporate philosophy of continuously striving for upgrading and innovation. The overall round shape of the logo presents China Taiping’s unique characteristic of being the first company in China’s insurance industry to bring business operations to a multinational level and also symbolically refers to the company’s future strategy of becoming truly globalized.