Company Logo

The visual elements portray China Taiping's operational targets and principles in an industry leading manner.

The characters "Taiping" that appear on the logo represent a towering, luxuriant tree that takes root in the earth and embraces blue skies. This embodies China Taiping's vitality and sustainable operations.

The blue element symbolizes the vast expanses of the skies and represents the way China Taiping creates a peaceful and harmonious living space for its clients through its integrity and first-class financial planning services and insurance cover.

The green element symbolizes the vitality and energy of the earth and represents the beautiful vision China Taiping has in its love of nature and concern for life, as well as the enterprise's proactive and sustainable innovation.

The overall design is circular, reinforcing the fact that China Taiping is the first transnational enterprise in the Chinese insurance industry; it represents China Taiping's global development strategy.