Chairman's speech
Chairman of China Taiping
Insurance Group - Xi Luo

The stars change in positions and how the time flies. China Taiping is welcoming its 90th birthday. Standing on the top of Victoria Peak and overlooking beautiful Victoria Harbour, all sorts of feelings well up in my mind as I look back the 90 years of development from the riverside of Huangpu River to the shore of Hong Kong.

Having endured great hardships for 90 years with rich fruit, China Taiping has been imprinted a mark of the Chinese nation and the red political power since 1929 when it's born. Having overcome all obstacles and striven ahead, China Taiping has left a legend of national insurance brand from its birth, persistence, to resumption of business and rejuvenation. Nowadays, the duty to further develop China Taiping has been handed over to our generation. We are fully aware of the duty to continue developing China Taiping in the new era and feel it challenging to create a brand of hundreds years old. Just as the old saying goes, “The last part of an endeavor is the hardest to finish”. How to realize high quality development and make our cause endurable and last long? In my opinion, we should fulfill the dream of "Sharing Taiping" with our customers, partners, shareholders and staff, under the leadership of CPC and the state, according to the requirements of the new developing theory, based on the ideal of "open up a peaceful world for generations and generations" and the principle of "the sharing ".

"Sharing Taiping" should embody a sense of mission. The global social economy is faced with increasingly more factors of instability, uncertainty and imbalance. It's urgent to come up a method to spread and eliminate risks. The business logic of the insurance industry is to manage and operate the risk. It should help the people and the state to overcome difficulties. "Sharing Taiping" aims to integrate the development of China Taiping and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. "Sharing Taiping" should be involved in the blueprint of the Party and the state and serve national significant strategies, "The Three Critical Battles” and the real economy. It shall also provide a strong guarantee against risks for our state in a path toward a powerful modernized state by deepening the market reform, promoting the internationalized layout, accelerating the information construction and creating a very competitive world first-class financial and insurance enterprise.

"Sharing Taiping" should embody a great feeling. To create beautiful life and improve the life quality for the people is our steadfast objective of the struggle. In terms of the insurance industry, we should consistently meet the requirements of the people for better life quality by providing high quality insurance products and services. "Sharing Taiping" is to establish a central idea that developing should be people-oriented. "Sharing Taiping" should also take larger effects in the aspect of improving the social insurance system, expanding the insurance industry, implementing the "Healthy China" strategy and creating a social governance pattern that is developed, maintained and shared by all, enabling millions of Taiping customers to enjoy safer, healthier and richer living environment.

"Sharing Taiping" should embody a great strategy. China Taiping has long been the "spearhead" and "bellwether" for China-funded insurance industry and its internationalization development. The older generation has laid solid foundations for us and we will further expand and consolidate the way toward internationalization. "Sharing Taiping" is to follow the strategy of great-power politics with Chinese characteristics, coordinate domestic and foreign "double markets" and "two kinds of resources" based on the principle of establishing a community with shared future for humanity, striving to paint a splendid picture of deepening the overseas layout, expanding the overseas business and elaborating the cultural significance of international brands, and serving "the Belt and Road" initiation.

"Sharing Taiping" should embody a sense of responsibility. China Taiping, as the only central financial enterprise with headquarters located in Hong Kong, has long contributed a lot to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and the implementation of "two systems, one country" policy, rooted in Hong Kong and serving Hong Kong. "Sharing Taiping" is to continue to carry out the task of "serving the politics as an enterprise" and positively implement Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area strategy based on the target of consolidating the position of Hong Kong as a global financial center. It shall also greatly develop Hong Kong institutions and businesses and support Hong Kong in integrating into the national developing layout in a faster pace to share the great honor of national prosperity in the new era.

I believe that we will surely open up a new era of "Sharing Taiping" in Taiping's one hundred year of development as long as we unite as one and work together. The glory and dream of "Sharing Taiping" will belong to every member of China Taiping!