President's speech
President of China Taiping
Insurance Group - Jinfu Li

China Taiping Insurance  Group  Ltd. is the oldest national insurance brand in China. After eighty years of trials and hardships, through generations of hard work, China Taiping Insurance Group has become a multinational consolidated financial and insurance group.

As the only state-owned financial and insurance company headquartered in Hong Kong, and the only national brand with long term overseas operations, China Taiping Insurance Group has its own unique characteristics and adheres to international standards, combining the modern enterprise system with its own characteristics to create value for customers and the society. "sharing resources of the group, promoting talents exchanging, uniform development of customers and global expansion of service" are the distinctive features of Group's cross-border business model. In Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and other markets, China Taiping Insurance Group is positioning itself at the forefront of the market; in Indonesia, the UK and other markets, China Taiping Insurance Group provides quality insurance services for 'outgoing' companies and local Chinese businesses.

In recent years, China Taiping has intensified its efforts to develop the domestic market and to meet this aim Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Taiping General Insurance Co., Ltd resumed their business operations in China and have set up Taiping Pension Co., Ltd and Taiping Asset Management Co., Ltd to help achieve sustained, healthy and rapid development of the foundational domestic and overseas business expansion. China Taiping Insurance Group has driven through reform and innovation, centering around "establishment of two models" and elevation of "three types of capability",the full implementation of major reforms, through the promotion of shared services, unified investment management platform, unified vertical internal audit and comprehensive risk management and control system and a series of major initiatives, gradually achieved customer-centric integrated services model. Currently, the Group has formed multiple avenues of specialized business models including life insurance, property insurance, group insurance, annuity business, reinsurance, securities brokerage, investment and asset management, becoming a consolidated trans-regional, cross-border financial insurance group working towards the goal of "One Customer, One Taiping" integrated financial services.

"Creating well-being in life and peace of mind" is our constant pursuit, we will be guided through scientific development, people-oriented, customer-centric, and in pursuit of continuous growth, implementation of integrity in business conduct and operation, professional management, efficiency orientation, strengthening through cooperation, quality and efficiency priorities, risk management and sustainable development of the road ahead, and gradually improve and perfect customer-centric operating model of integrated and sustainable profit model, and continuously improve the specialized operational capabilities, the overall profitability and sustainable development, providing our customers with more and better financial and insurance services as part of our contribution towards a harmonious society.