Model Example Contributors —Speech from the Group's 2020 Annual Outstanding Employee Recognition Meeting

Date:  29-04-2020
Luo Xi

To all outstanding employees and fellow colleagues,

A big hello to you all!

During this bright and beautiful spring period, in this moment of momentary victory in our fight against the epidemic, we have convened the company's annual outstanding employee recognition meeting. Learning from the models, drawing power, encouraging morale and overcoming difficulties together have been incredibly important and weighted with great significance in the current situation. First of all, I would like to express my warm congratulations to all the advanced teams and individuals who will be receiving recognition here today on behalf of the board of directors! And express my sincere condolences for all those colleagues who have been fighting the epidemic long-term and those who returned to work on the front lines!

2019 is China Taiping's 90th anniversary. This year, the company gathered all its strength to overcome all difficulties and forged forward as we realized a good start to our developmental strategy in this new era and achieved the best key performance indicators in our history and significant improvements in quality efficiency to advance up the Fortune Global 500 and rise into the top 50 insurance companies in the world. We hold high our banner that reads "What the nation needs, Taiping provides". Taiping's influence can be seen everywhere on key national strategic projects such as the "Belt and Road" initiative, construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the victory in poverty alleviation. Taiping's development has never been so closely intertwined with national strategy! In this year, we have used an "innovative revolution" to strengthen the foundations of our high quality development, introduced benchmarking management, empowered our grassroots levels, implemented the sci-tech+operations "double strength plan", launched the life insurance "Jijifeng" business promotion mechanism, implemented professional transformation of investment organizations, and started operations of the "Taiping Town, Wutong Family". The pace of China Taiping's innovative revolution has never been as powerful as it is today! 

2020 was an incredibly unusual year. A once-in-a-century epidemic suddenly broke out. The company acted according to instructions and rapidly plunged into the struggle against the epidemic and the orderly return to work. By unifying our command operations we immediately donated anti-epidemic funding to Hubei Province, demonstrating our responsibility as a central enterprise; we quickly developed two special free insurance packages to establish a "protective umbrella" for front-line medical staff; on Chinese New Year's Eve, colleagues from our overseas institutions purchased epidemic prevention supplies from around the world to provide emergency rescue to the frontline in Wuhan; on the technology operation line, many colleagues gave up their Spring Festival holidays to work overtime continuously, with the emergency task force at our Wuhan Data Center eating and sleeping in the workplace in their fight against the epidemic and their efforts to keep operations running; keeping a life line for Taiping's service operations. Even more ordinary employees were willing to volunteer in this fight, providing their power, and when some colleagues heard that the city was going to go into lockdown, they said farewell to their parents, spouses and children with tears in their eyes as they resolutely returned to their workstations in Wuhan, ensuring that Taiping's services would never go offline; some colleagues drove 800 km from outside of the province to deliver facemasks, offering clients a gesture of warmth; some colleagues dripped with sweat on the Leishenshan Hospital building site, battling against the clock; some colleagues located in high-risk areas stepped forward against the tide and provided voluntary services on the frontline; loving donations from employees of Taiping from all over the world trickled in a show of boundless love.

On the key problems of precise control and prevention, and the total return to work, we bravely took on our responsibilities, grasping every opportunity and detail in the fight against the epidemic, returning to work in a controlled and gradual manner. Our headquarters, domestic and overseas subsidiaries; thousands of operational institutions, hundreds of thousands internal workers and marketing personnel, provided services to clients online and risk guarantees to help the city, which had been put on pause, play to the merry tune of Taiping. What we should be most thankful for is that when faced with this furious epidemic, we managed to firmly hold out and achieve our control and prevention targets, maintain continuous operation, completely recover business development and offer precise assistance in work resumption, with none of our 500,000-strong workforce around the world defeated by the epidemic and not a single member of our workforce being laid off because of it.

Each glimmer of light given off by members of Taiping accumulated into a sea of stars. All of China Taiping's achievements have been made possible by our 500,000 members joining hands and contributing their efforts towards the greater good. During this time, a great surge of advanced model examples came forth. Those receiving recognition today are outstanding representatives among the many. I hope that everyone will cherish this honor and continue to strive forward as they accept their undertaking under the influence of new trends and drive more members at Taiping in realizing the development strategy of this new era and achieving new successes, contributing new energy and striving to be better as they do so. On top of the honors list, there are even more employees who are dedicated to their jobs and have got on with their work. I hope that everyone will continue to work just as hard and strive to move forward, contributing even more in their daily jobs, so that next spring we can meet again at the beautiful Victoria Harbour.

Colleagues, results achieved yesterday do not count towards tomorrow's test. At present, the epidemic continues to spread across the world. We are at an unprecedented crossroads, facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges. In front of us is a battle that we cannot afford to lose; one where we must rise to the challenge. At this crucial moment, we need everyone's continued bravery and hard work more than ever. We cannot drop our guard in the control and prevention of the epidemic and must be prepared for a drawn-out battle in our fight against it. We must be prepared to accept combating this virus and developing our business under these conditions as the new normal. Our innovative revolution must not be delayed. This is our only choice in realizing high-quality development and the only way out in overcoming all difficulties and challenges. We must not withdraw in fear from our operational targets. While things may be difficult, we will succeed. As long as everyone at Taiping pulls together and forges forward with determination, there is nothing we cannot overcome and no mountain we cannot climb.

We firmly believe that with the unremitting efforts of every Taiping member, that the epidemic will pass and we will be victorious. Facing the future, our mission is glorious. We shoulder our responsibilities and set model examples as we move forward, draw energy, advocate reform, and bravely innovate, guiding and motivating members of Taiping to gather their strengths, face the difficulties and come up with appropriate strategies, face the fight, tighten our belts, and take the initiative to put in practical hard work, produce value from contributions, lay footprints one by one, improve year on year and enjoy an even greater victory!

Standing here, I solemnly announce that China Taiping will respond to the nation's needs as always , including our domestic and overseas organizations. Refusing to lay off workers because of this epidemic, and refusing to give up in the face of crisis, we will stand shoulder to shoulder in working to overcome all difficulties and share Taiping.

Thank you, everyone.