A video conference between Chairman Luo Xi and Prudential Financial Chairman Charles F. Lowrey

Date:  18-06-2020

On June 17, Chairman Luo Xi conducted a video conference with Prudential Financial Chairman Charles F. Lowrey in Hong Kong. The group's Deputy General Manager Li Kedong, heads of the group's Strategic Management Department, International Department and Taiping Pension, along with Prudential Financial's International Strategic Planning Senior Vice President Bob Fallon and others made appearances at the conference.

During the conference, Luo Xi first took a look back at the various work carried out since July 26, 2019 when a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Prudential Financial, introduced the various accomplishments and measures taken by China Taiping against the background of Covid-19, as well as proposed specific suggestions for the mutual quickening of the implementation of key projects.

Mr. Lowrey congratulated China Taiping for the good performance it had achieved during these special times and expressed his willingness to share management experience and technology with China Taiping, as well as expressed his hopes of efficiently driving the implementation of key projects and gradually intensifying long-term strategic cooperation with China Taiping.

Both parties engaged in a wide-ranging exchange concerning the recent epidemic as well as the reopening and return to work, and other matters. Luo Xi invited Mr. Lowrey to Hong Kong for a face-to-face meeting.