Taiping holds its "Taiping Rising Stars" end of training conference

Date:  29-09-2020

On the morning of September 22, Taiping held its first "Taiping Rising Stars" end of training conference. Chief Supervisor Zhou Liqun attended the conference and gave an end of training speech. The main conference took place in Shenzhen, with branch venues participating via video and live streaming.

Zhou Liqun commented that this training program had covered a rich array of content, from company strategy to various business sectors and market entity comparative analysis; and from company governance and operational management to company culture. He stated that this was the largest scale training in Taiping's history, with the most participating units, students, classes and teachers. 4,186 Taiping Rising Stars students completed the entirety of the training courses, displaying their excellent spirit and handing in satisfactory answer sheets.

Zhou Liqun offered his congratulations to the 218 students who had been awarded the "Outstanding Student Award" and thanked the course teachers and class advisors. At the same time, he emphasized four expectations he had for the development of participating students at Taiping: First, that they realize their innate potential, adapt to their positions and pursue first-class performance with a dedicated and professional attitude; second, that they improve their professionalism, and are proactive and ready to take on responsibility in contributing to the company's development; third, that they continue to learn and keep up with technological progress, industry trend, regulatory changes and client demands as they grasp new innovations; and fourth, believe in the power of perseverance, with a determined tenacity and unrelenting spirit, doing good to achieve good and with the foresight to develop gradually in the long-term. Zhou Liqun called upon these "Taiping Rising Stars" to be like planets, like stars, as they demonstrate their talent, display their brilliance and exhibit their own worth to Taiping's development.